You don’t have to be a syndicated loan veteran to know that there are reasons for slow, unpredictable loan trade settlement that have little to do with data processing technology. We have explored those reasons in our special reports.  Only Synaps combines blockchain with business process automation to enable prompt, predictable loan trade settlement:

  • Asset Lending. Under our “Syndicated-Loan Master Lending Agreement,” sellers gain the means to deliver so that trades no longer need to wait behind stuck upstreams.
  • Algorithmic Assignment Review. By coding the credit agreement’s transfer restrictions into a smart contract, agent approval on trades can be determined as early as trade date.
  • Consent Portal. Borrowers can promptly write consent grants or denials directly on the ledger.
  • Binding Settlement Date. The “Synaps Rules” bind counterparties to a settlement date via these terms and conditions, which supplement industry standards.